Perfection in Paradise Valley

Upgrading a Tract Home on a 1-acre Parcel into a Flawless luxury Residence

The homeowners purchased the home because of it’s prime PV location with stunning views of Camelback Mountain. However, the existing tract home on the 1-acre lot needed a lot of work. The house was too small and was riddled with design cliches from the 1990s.  The homeowners assembled a team of designers to work alongside Vista General to bring the home into the modern standards with a more spacious interior.

The home is situated near a busy PV intersection. We worked closely with the team at Berghoff Design group to shield the property from the sites and sounds of traffic. This required elaborate grading of the property as well as extensive walls for screening.

To be a success, this project required a lot of coordination between the members of the design and build teams. The addition of new rooms to the home would restrict access to the backyard with a new pool, landscape, and poolside folly. However, those backyard features could only be possible once construction on the home reached a critical level of completion. 

Together, the design and build teams aligned timetables and project plans so that we were able to give our clients the estate of their dreams.


General Contractor: Luke Wilson, Vista General

Architecture: Christy Wareing, Christy & Company Architecture

Interior Design: Berkley Vallone, Vallone Design

Landscape Architecture: Jeff Berghoff, Berghoff Design Group