Midcentury Renovation

BRINGING HOLLYWOOD REGENCY TOuches To an Uptown Phoenix Home

The primary challenge of the project was to make the new addition look like it had always been there. We went through great effort to match materials and design features so that the finished project was flawless.

As always, it was a thrill to work with the talented Britany Simon (HGTV) to bring Hollywood Regency touches to life without betraying the clean MCM aesthetic.

This home was featured in Lux Magazine, November/ December 2018

Much was changing in life. This young couple had a fast-growing business, and an even faster-growing family. They were thrilled to expect their first child, and then a second. But one thing that would not change was their love for Uptown Phoenix, and the Mid-century Modern house that they called home. In short, they loved their house, and they weren’t moving.

But they needed more living space, and the interior needed an upgrade. Vista General was invited to build the extension to the home, and to bring designer Britany Simon’s vision to life for the new interior.