Arcadia Classic Ranch with Pool House

(An INstagram story)

A photo of pool house went viral on Instagram, winning appreciation from tastemakers and design bloggers. An Atlanta-based couple was smitten with the photo of the pool house, and even more smitten with the idea of moving to Phoenix. Less than a month later, the couple was thrilled to hold a key to the front door.

This ranch home was built in 2003, and was already showing wear. The rooms were small, the ceilings low, and the finishes were dated. Perhaps worst, the covered patios obstructed views of Camelback Mountain. Vista General worked with top talent to recreate the home as a gem of Arcadia.

So before we began the renovation, we re-imagined the outdoor living space with designer Jeff Berghoff. As with most homes in Arcadia, the prized goal is a view of Camelback Mountain. This home is special because it had the potential to offer head-to-tail views of the mountain. To bring this view to reality, we re-routed power lines and removed covered patios. 

The final step was to rethink the backyard for outdoor entertaining. The new pool and pool house open to the north. Now during casual evenings with family or formal entertaining with guests, the mountain is perfectly framed.